Add dot grid paper to your Happy Planner

Dot grid paper is incredibly popular for a very good reason. I love it because I belong to those people who cannot keep their hand writing straight. Dot grid is not as distracting as lines or a square grid but helps you write neatly and create layouts easily.

If you’d like to add your own dot grid inserts into your Happy Planner Classic, here is how.

What you need to add dot grid paper to Happy Planner Classic

Happy Planner Classic dot grid paper

I created a handy printable dot grid paper for 7″ x 9″ planners. You can get it on Etsy. It will fit planners like Erin Condren Life Planner, Plum Paper Planner Classic, Simplified Planner by Emily Ley, 7×9 Limelife planner and 7″ x 9.25″ Happy Planner Classic.

Happy Planner printable dot grid paper

2 dot grid sizes

There are two grid sizes available – standard 5 mm grid which is great but those who find writing into small squares challenging, there is a version with 0.25 in grid which is more comfortable to write into and it will work nicely with most planner stickers.

3 shades of grey

I personally find pure black dots too distracting and prefer grey dots. The exact shade depends on your printer. You can try to print a sample of each and then choose which one suits you the best.

Happy Planner dot grid paper

Printing dot grid paper

The Happy Planner Classic dot grid is designed to be printed on regular A4 or US Letter size paper. You will need a printer that allows manual or automatic duplex printing.

You can use Adobe Reader or similar program to open the file. Set scaling to Actual Size and always check the preview before printing.

Trim dot grid paper

Trimming dot grid paper

There are two ways to trim the dot grid paper to the correct size. Either use a paper trimmer or you can do the trimming by hand using a craft knife, a metal ruler and a cutting mat.

Place the printed paper on a cutting mat. Align the metal ruler with crop marks. Make sure you press the ruler firmly down and cut with the craft knife from the crop mark to crop mark (not all the way to the edge). Turn the paper a repeat on all four sides.

Happy Planner Punch

Punching dot grid paper for Happy Planner

You will need a 9-hole punch for arc planners to add the dot grid paper to your Happy Planner. There are a few available on Amazon:

Align the wider white edge with the punch guidelines. Punch the holes and insert into your Happy Planner.

Happy Planner Classic dot grid

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